Explanation Text

  • Explanation text is the text that explain the processes involved in the natural and social phenomena, or to explain how something works. These texts answer the questions “how” and “why” something occur.
  • The generic structure of explaination text are:

~ General Statement : to position the reader and explains the processes involved in natural or social phenomena, or to explain how something works. This part is located in the first paragraph.

~ Explanation : a sequenced explanation of why and how something occurs/happen. This part located between the first and the last paragraph.

~ Conclusion (optional)

  • Example of Explanation Text:

How does Aurora occur?

An aurora is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude regions. In northern latitude as Arctic region, the effect is known as aurora borealis. While in the southern latitude as Antarctic region, the effect is known as aurora australis.

The aurora phenomenon occurs when the solar wind is produced by our Sun. Solar wind is a stream of electrons and protons which are released from the sun due to the high kinetic energy. In other way, our planet is surrounded by a super-sized magnetic sheath which is usually called the Magnetic Field of the Earth. Then, the streams of the solar wind particles are trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. Some of these particles lead to the poles of the earth at a speed that keeps growing. The collision between these particles and atoms present in the earth’s atmosphere, it releases the energy that causes the formation of colorful auroras at the poles of the earth, which looks like a big circle around the pole.

Now, Why Aurora is only found in the earth’s poles?? This is the answer, because the north and South Pole magnetic field is very strong compared to other regions. So the phenomenon is more common in the Polar Regions.

However, sometimes the Aurora can also appear at the top of the mountain in a tropical climate, but this phenomenon is extremely rare.

This material is summarized by me from English Alive for Senior High School Grade 3 and LKS PR Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII. For the example, I made it by myself as the assignment from my teacher. I hope it helps you. Thank you! ^_^

With love,

Amrina Rosyada


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